Sep. 15th, 2009

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I just had an idea. Is it possible to collect statistics on how many users have chosen each of the system styles? Obviously it would need to exclude / account for custom styles in some way, and feed accounts which can't change their style. It would be interesting to see actual statistics on which styles and colour themes are most commonly used.
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If this isn't the right place, I'd be happy to be directed elsewhere. I'm looking for any documentation or examples around Dreamwidth's S2 style interface.

I know LJ has a few pages about it in their S2 manual. I can see that correctly retrives S2 layers, so it's available on Dreamwidth as well.

Are there any existing clients that use this interface for retrieving/uploading layers? Does Dreamwidth's implementation differ from LJ (for example, is it still required to send "application/x-danga-s2-layer" as Content-Type)?

I'd like to be able to use this interface to dynamically change my style layer, so I thought I'd check if any guidelines/best practices/documentation existed before I resorted to the trial-and-error method.

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