Apr. 14th, 2011

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So, we know that when LJ is on the fritz it means a spike in DW activity until LJ smooths out and most people go back. You can see some pretty serious spikes on the newbyday stat:

newbyday 2011-04-02 402
newbyday 2011-04-03 243
newbyday 2011-04-04 2506
newbyday 2011-04-05 3658
newbyday 2011-04-06 16226
newbyday 2011-04-07 22136
newbyday 2011-04-08 10839
newbyday 2011-04-09 9735
newbyday 2011-04-10 4214
newbyday 2011-04-11 468
newbyday 2011-04-12 6897
newbyday 2011-04-13 8317

Of course, newbyday includes ALL accounts, including OpenID accounts that are created during imports through comments or access giving. That's why 4/11 is so low compared to the others--the importer had been shut down.

So in order to gauge activity spikes, it's easier to look at other metrics like active/posting, which would include people coming back to fallow accounts they haven't touched in a month as well as new accounts that have been signing in and posting content. Here's the numbers comparing 3/31/2011 to 4/13/2011 (just after 12AM two weeks apart to the day, so it's a better comparison than different days, since activity varies through the week):

Stat3/31/20114/13/2011# increase% increase
Posted last 30 days18,44822,6334,18522.6%
Posted last 7 days12,34116,3113,97033.2%
Posted last 24 hours5,6906,8471,15720.3%

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