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I’ve written a web page that looks at your LJ friends list, and tells you which of the usernames exist as accounts on Dreamwidth. Of course having the same username doesn’t necessarily mean they are the same person, but it might give you a head start in populating your Dreamwidth friends list.

The implementation is naïve; there may be a more efficient way to see if a DW account exists. Source (and a command-line version) at

(Apologies if this isn’t an appropriate community to post this to — not absolutely clear from the community description.)
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I've released the library that I made to create LJ relationship graphs. It uses NetworkX which uses matplotlib. It's fairly rudimentary, but sufficient for a simple graph of people an account has friended who've friended each other, with the size of the dots scaled to the number of mutual friends that person has.

small example )

The functions in the package also provide some nice functionality for on the fly processing (ie, figuring out who do X and Y have friended in common). There's a fdata download and caching manager (default refresh rate: 2 weeks), and it rate limits its requests, so you don't have to be concerned about being hard on the servers when running it.

It can be found on BitBucket. I'm not too familiar with Python yet, though I have been enjoying it immensely, so anybody who Knows Better on how to do things is free to give me a guiding poke.

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