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So, this is my offering to [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw: I am making graphs of participant circles for posts and comments to communities! (And I hope to continue making more kinds of fun graphs you can get by certain activities.) They can be explained thusly:

  • The graph consists of nodes (the circles with the journals names on them) and edges (the lines between the nodes).
  • A line between two nodes means that those two users have a mutual relationship. That means they subscribe to each other, give each other access, or both.
  • The size of the node indicates how many mutual relationships that user has in total--the more, the bigger the node.
  • The color of the node indicates how many relative mutual relationships that user has with you--the darker the red, the more connections you two share.
  • Note that you don't show up in the graphs, since you are connected to everybody
  • If you have a relationship with a user but they don't have any relationships with anybody else you're connected to, they don't show up either (I call them "singlets").

Example time! )

You can get a network graph if the account you're requesting if with that account you have made, since April 26th or later:

  • Three posts to three communities.
  • Comments to six different posts in at least three different communities.

For each additional post or 3 comments you make to a community, you can choose one of the bonus add ons:

  • A list of all of the singlets--people who don't have any mutual relationships with other people in your circle
  • A graph that highlights connections between people in your biggest clique and a list of your biggest clique(s)
  • For you geeks, a dot file you can play around with in GraphViz.

Put the links to the posts or comments in your request, and follow the rules of the communities you are posting to!
Unfortunately, the posts and comments will need to be public ones, so I can see them and verify. By default, I will put your graph(s) up on my web hosting and link you to it, so you can point to it in your journal easily (although it really is best if you host it for yourself, just in case), but if you'd prefer me to email it to you, just let me know.

If you don't know how to find communities you're interested in, feel free to make a comment here asking me for possible recommendations. I or others passing by will try to find some for you--though I'll note that I'm not in fandom, so my experience will be limited in that area.

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